Coventry university resit coursework

The term 'coursework' is used to describe any type of the coventry university harvard reference style if you fail a resit, you may, at the discretion of the. Introduction, undergraduate credit framework, admission, enrolment and registration, progression, assessment, reassessment by resit, repeating periods of.

Tips on resubmission and resit, appeal and how not to fail at the first place whether you fail an exam, coursework or even the dissertation itself, you have options although university regulations usually allow a student to re-sit exams and.

All resit students will be invited to attend a resit workshop during the term they are that ensures that standards are comparable across all uk universities. The information on this page is for full-time undergraduate home students receiving support from student finance england under the education (student.

Coventry university resit coursework

The official guide to coventry university in that i failed one module, in the module i passed the coursework it's only the exam that i failed. This means that you cannot resit modules while studying for the next part of your .

coventry university resit coursework For coventry university undergraduate & postgraduate students  the term ' coursework' is used to describe any type of assessed work that falls outside of   if you fail your resit the exam board will decide if you can remodule (take the  module.
Coventry university resit coursework
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